Xzibit hurls chair at Aust promoter: video

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A video allegedly showing US rapper Xzibit throwing a chair at his Australian promoter after a gig in Adelaide has been posted on YouTube.


The performer has been on tour Down Under since April 12 and will finish in Brisbane on Friday night.

In the video, after arguing between several people backstage, a man with an Australian accent is heard saying, “I didn’t f***ing do that”, before a man with an American accent is seen lifting a metal chair.

The man with the chair, who is tagged in the video as Xzibit, says, “Get the f*** out of here, man, before I f*** you up.”

When the Australian responds, “What is your problem?” the man tagged as Xzibit throws the chair at him while shouting something about “the sound check”.

The argument continues with threats of a fight before security steps in and someone says, “This needs to be resolved.”

The three-minute and 38-second video was posted on YouTube on Wednesday and the Australian who Xzibit appears to be fighting with is tagged as Patrick “Mastercraft” Whyntie.

Mr Whyntie was the promoter for Xzibit’s show in the Adelaide UniBar on Wednesday night.

Various news outlets and online sites are reporting the altercation was about Xzibit’s transport.

On fasterlouder广西桑拿,广西桑拿网,, reports say the argument came about because the rapper was picked up from Adelaide airport in an old Subaru with broken windows, and was forced to catch a taxi to the sound check.

The report also says the rapper found nothing was set up when he arrived.

The site also reports that Mr Whyntie says Xzibit was picked up in a $50,000 BMW.

Mr Whyntie posted a response on his Facebook page on Thursday that seems to address the argument.

“People forget Xzibit was one of my idols I spent my life savings to bring him down to Heatwave 1, had best friends invest and we treated him like royalty. Stretch Limos, fat pay cheque, unlimited booze you name it. What do you think we did this time?” he posted.

“Moments before he flipped out I had just had my guys running around to make sure every last need was taken care of! … We damn near sold a show out on a Wednesday night in Adelaide. SO WHY on earth would any of the team Xpect you or deserve you to talk to us like s***, throw a tantrum and piss on everything we did for you!” the post said.

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