More jail time for Perth drug dealer

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West Australian prosecutors have secured a stiffer sentence for a woman found with high-purity methylamphetamine and notebooks detailing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of drug transactions.


Jacqueline Barree Hunter was originally sentenced to three years and eight months in jail after a September 2011 raid of her Ellenbrook home uncovered four bags containing almost 111 grams of methylamphetamine, ranging in purity from 42 to 53 per cent and valued about $56,000.

Police also found a further 5g of the stimulant, about 82 per cent pure, along with $38,500 in cash.

There were also scales, powder used to cut the drug and two notebooks detailing drug transactions, some more than $100,000.

A system of CCTV cameras was installed around the house and linked to a television in the main bedroom.

The state appealed against her sentence, arguing it was not a proper reflection of the seriousness of the offending and was substantially outside the range open to the trial judge to impose.

While Hunter’s imprisoned partner was “the main player” in the business, she had continued it.

“The respondent’s offending was clearly serious,” the full bench of the WA Court of Appeal said in a judgment handed down on Thursday.

“Although the respondent was a user of methylamphetamine, the scale of the operation was such that its overwhelming purpose was to make money.

“The fact that records were kept and the presence of a CCTV camera system at the house reveals a degree of planning and sophistication.”

Hunter, who was 42 at the time of the original sentencing, must now serve five years and six months in jail, backdated to June 9, 2013.

She is eligible for parole.

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