Jets herald start of Brisbane march

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Two fighter jets have flown over Brisbane’s City Hall to signify the start of the Anzac Day march.


Soon after the city hall clock struck 10, marching bands began making their way down Adelaide Street.

A light horseman paying homage to World War I was near the front of the parade, followed by women dressed as Red Cross sisters and a sign remembering the 100 years since troops first left the Port of Brisbane for battle.

Queensland Governor Penelope Wensley said Australian soldiers had given so much heroism and self-sacrifice “in the cause of liberty”, including in Korea, Borneo, Vietnam and the more recent fight against terrorism.

Thousands of people are in the crowd, ranging from elderly diggers wearing war service medals to young children.

Rounds of applause are greeting elderly war veterans joining the parade in wheelchairs and army jeeps, as a few spectators wave Australian flags.

Australian flags on long poles were held from inside historic World War II army jeeps. One elderly war veteran waved his hat at the adoring crowd.

The role of women behind the frontline was also being remembered, with a sign recognising the Australian Army Women’s Medical Services.

Red-clad women from the Redland Ladies Drum Corp and high school bands provided drum beats, ahead of a New Zealand contingent of diggers holding a black sign with a white kiwi.

Taxis from a bygone era, including an early 1950s FJ Holden, were a popular crowd attraction as they transported elderly war veterans.

Younger serving military personnel, including members of the Royal Australian Navy marching band, joined the parade, holding a sign marking the navy’s centenary.

A convoy of historic army trucks, including a USMC vehicle and a modern day Red Cross carrier, joined the parade, ahead of a contingent of serving soldiers holding swords or riding on horseback.

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