Hobart honours new generation’s heroes

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From World War I to the search for missing flight MH370, Australia’s servicemen and women remain the heroes of a new generation.


School student Jonah Lilley has told several thousand at Hobart’s dawn service that young people still look up to the Anzacs nearly a century after the Gallipoli landing.

The St Virgil’s student has also paid tribute to a former pupil at the school, Ben Hepworth, who is involved in the RAAF’s search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet.

“They provide today’s generation of people with heroes to look up to and inspire us to be selfless, honourable and to draw upon reserves of courage we never knew we had,” Mr Lilley said.

The Tasmanian-born recipient of the 100th Victoria Cross, Corporal Cameron Baird who was killed in 2013 in Afghanistan, was also acknowledged by Mr Lilley.

“The men and women who have fought for our country in battles of yesteryear and today are our heroes, the bravest of the brave,” he said.

“I thank them on behalf of my generation, for without them we may not enjoy the freedoms and prosperity we sometimes take for granted today.”

Expectations of 6000 attending the Hobart service appear to have been met on a cold, clear morning in the island capital.

It was one of about 80 to take place around the state.

Hobart man Marc Sward wore the medals of his father and grandfather, who fought in each world war.

“It’s very emotional,” Mr Sward said.

“It’s remembrance for the suffering they would been going through for us to have a better life, basically.

“There’s a lot of mixed feelings.”

Hobart’s Anzac Day parade along Macquarie Street begins at 11am (AEST), followed by the main ceremony at noon.

A fine day with a top temperature of 17C is forecast.

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