Hello world, my name is Prince George

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The world has finally seen Prince George up close and in action.


Unsurprisingly, the little royal is just like every other normal, healthy, active, curious nine-month-old boy.

George, who has largely been kept out of sight since he was born on July 22 last year, joined his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, for their three-week royal visit to New Zealand and Australia.

He was left behind with his nanny while his parents hit the road, attracting huge crowds who constantly asked after George.

He made seven official appearances: two at functions and the rest being carried on and off planes. He was also unofficially filmed playing with his mum in the gardens of Yarralumla.

From the first time he was seen Down Under – transiting at Sydney airport for the flight to New Zealand – he sent the cameras into a frenzy.

His arrival in Wellington, where his mum carried him down the plane stairs, produced the pictures the world’s media had been dreaming of.

He was animated and chubby cheeked – hence his new title His Royal Cuteness.

A couple of days later, he undertook his first official royal duty, “hosting” a play date with 10 Kiwi babies his age at Government House in Wellington.

Photos of him playing with other children, even stealing one girl’s doll, shaking toys, pulling at Kate’s hair, then giving her a loving hug, excited the media no end.

At his other official function at Sydney’s Taronga zoo, he became fascinated by a bilby named after him in the newly-renamed Prince George Bilby Enclosure.

“He’s trying to grab his ear,” said Kate, a little worried.

“If he gets it, he’ll never let go,” said William as he kissed the top of his son’s head.

But young George wasn’t so fascinated by the stuffed toy bilby given to him later. That got thrown straight to the ground.

“He loves it, honestly,” a slightly embarrassed William said.

Along the way, Kate and William revealed bits and pieces about George. He’s noisy and podgy and can be grumpy.

“I swear I heard him do the haka this morning,” William quipped during the official reception at Government House in Wellington.

At Uluru, they were asked them if George had changed a lot while they had been away.

“He’s grown an extra roll of fat because he’s been so spoilt in New Zealand and now while he’s been looked after while we are travelling,” Kate said.

The third in line was spoilt with presents as well, including his first bike, a miniature Sealegs amphibious craft, a surfboard, a skateboard, numerous books, toys, and a giant stuffed toy wombat.

“We go away with wonderful memories, and George goes away with his cuddly wombat, which he has taken to chewing so lovingly,” William told the prime minister’s reception on Thursday.

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